Clearvista Women’s Care

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Tenant Build-out
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Detail Oriented

Project Overview

ClearVista Women’s Care was facing an ever-increasing level of competition for services as its suburban population was rapidly growing and more providers were drawn to the area. Their two-decade old clinic was a cluttered patchwork of spaces that limited their ability to provide compassionate and innovative services.

The local hospital recently underwent a major expansion that included a new 8-story medical office building. As a result, ClearVista Women’s Care partnered with the Hospital to create a comprehensive women’s center. The center serves as an anchor tenant, provides direct access to the maternity floor in the Hospital, and provides the most cost effective solution to meet the growing demands of their patients and the hospital.

A pod concept was implemented to improve the clinical efficiencies of the physicians and staff. The design also improved the patient experience by reducing wait times, improving way finding, controlling acoustical privacy, and eliminating coldspots in the exam areas.

The exterior window wall was used to organize the main circulation system that allows ample natural light into the clinic, to the benefit of all users. This solution also provided spa-like exam rooms, that area warm, cheerful, and private.

Site/Floor Plans


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