Center for Total Cancer Care
Reynold’s Plantation

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Project Type:
Freestanding Building
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Detail Oriented

Project Overview

The Center for Total Cancer Care located at the prestigious Reynold’s Plantation is designed for patient convenience.

This multiuse facility houses all aspects of holistic, patient centered cancer care. The concept was to bring targeted cancer therapy to the growing resort communities of Reynold’s Plantation.

The goal is to provide comprehensive treatment in one location that can meet the total needs of all cancer care patients in the region. Many residents of Reynold’s Plantation maintain a residence in Atlanta, and choose not to travel for their treatment.

The lodge motif blends the hospitality of the local Ritz Carlton Lodge, and the medical services provided in the facility. The facility blends the comforts of a hospitality setting, and the complex, high tech aspects of modern medical care, while maintaining the comfort and reassurance of the emotional and spiritual balance of its patients, visitors, and staff.

The exam modules are designed and uniquely laid out to maximize patient flow, minimize staff and physician travel, and provide the patient with a more comfort able experience. The open design enables easy visual identification of patient and visitor destination points and the arrangement of exam modules provides patient privacy, but never places them too far from the natural light.

Site/Floor Plans


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