VA Community Based Outpatient Clinic

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Freestanding Building
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Detail Oriented

Project Overview

The design of the new VA Community based Outpatient Clinic acknowledges and rewards the dedicated services of our veterans with a state-of-the-art facility that follows the Patient Aligned Care Team (PACT) concept.

Referencing the Department of Veterans Affairs Patient Care Services website, “PACT is the cornerstone of the New Models of Care initiative that is intended to transform the way Veterans receive care”.

The Veteran Affairs’ mission of patient-centered healthcare for our country’s military veterans will be obvious to each visitor as they are welcomed into the new VA outpatient clinic. Appealing to the human senses and working to create a positive, optimistic atmosphere the overall design of the interior will incorporate as much natural light and views of nature as possible along with calming but thoughtful color pallets for patients and staff alike.

The port cochere is the focal point on the building as people enter the site and thus draws them toward the main entry for passenger drop-off and pickup. There is a sloping, suspended canopy curving out from the port cochere to provide additional covered waiting area as well as a design feature creating interest.

Outdoor amenity areas flank each side of the port cochere along the meandering and landscaped walk way leading to and from the east and west parking areas. There are three flag poles occupying a position of prominence on the west side of the main entry. The three-pole grouping is set against the backdrop of a masonry accent wall featuring the VA logo, all of which is highly visible from the approach lane of Big Shanty Road.

Site/Floor Plans


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