Cancer Treatment Center
Union General Hospital

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Freestanding Building
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Detail Oriented

Project Overview

The Cancer Treatment Center at Union General Hospital emphasizes both therapy and patient education. The Center is a unique collaboration of dedicated radiation and medical oncologists, and two small, rural northeast Georgia hospitals.

Prior to the opening of this facility, patients were required to travel more than 55 miles over steep mountain roads, to receive treatment. The availability of comprehensive cancer treatment encourages more patients to remain in their hometown for services, thus increasing the utilization of the existing hospital. The Center fosters improvement and innovation in the delivery of health services through increased utilization, and limits the burden on a patient who otherwise would have to travel.

Cancer Care is one of the most expensive diseases to manage. The National Institutes of Health estimates overall annual costs for cancer at $107 billion. Nevertheless, there has been consistent improvements in survival rates from cancer. Factors contributing to this increased survival include advancements in technology, public awareness programs aimed at encouraging earlier detection, improved detection and evaluation techniques, new and improved treatment strategies, and better rehabilitation programs.

Based on the nature of cancer detection, and the typical physician referral process, the architecture of the building was intended to be civic and noticeable. When a referring physician directs his patient to the “cancer center behind the hospital”, the patient should find more than the “behind the hospital”.

The soaring clock tower slab and lighting rod provide a landmark distinction, and a sense of place. Referring physicians now cite the clock tower as the locating feature. The clock offers the community a sense of time and reference.

Site/Floor Plans


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