Wellness Center
Meadows Regional Hospital

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Adaptive Re-use
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Detail Oriented

Project Overview

The Wellness Center at Meadows Regional Hospital was borne of a shared vision to provide the Hospital’s service area with more than rehabilitation and fitness services. Meadows Regional Medical Center and Toombs Therapy and Sports Medicine joined together to create a unique destination for wellness, prevention and health education.

The Owner established a set of objectives to guide the creation of the wellness center. First, they wanted to do more than absorb a successful therapy business into the Hospital. Second, the location needed to be easily accessible for community members. Third, the rehabilitation business, although part of the Hospital, should retain its own identity. And last, they wanted to separate therapy into two segments, with inpatient therapy occurring at the Hospital and outpatient at the new Center.

Bringing the vision to life required a lot of square footage. Luckily a large warehouse was found that could be rehabbed for much less than the cost of building a brand new facility.

The Wellness Center is a giant step toward a new model of healthcare that nurtures the mind as well as the body. The Owner’s hope is to not only bring healthy lifestyles to the community but also enrich their lives in the process.

Site/Floor Plans


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