We turn ideas into works of people and purpose.

We create design solutions that connect a building’s purpose, function, and context; to engage, inspire, and enhance the human experience.

For clients who seek a service-oriented design partner, our purpose-driven culture has lived strong for more than 26 years, resulting in facilities and communities that serve more than 100,000 patients and residents each week.


Our Services

Health By Design

We believe that every environment must communicate exceptional hospitality. Hospitality design is about ’placemaking’ - creating environments that immerse the patient, resident, or guest in the sights, sounds, and atmosphere of a locale, and inspires conversations about the traces of thought, imagination and investment that guide the design.


Creating a branded property that engages and entertains requires unique touchpoints that are location specific, leading visitors and guests on a journey within the property at all times during their stay. The continuity and consistency of these touch points create the brand’s signature experience.

Advancing Mission

The principles that guide our work are rooted in timeless design issues that are not unique to period, style, or context. Good Design provides us with an optimistic view of contemporary life, while complementing its context with other essential values our time: Program, Technology, Sustainability, Collaboration, and Image. With these fundamental values, we strive to create works of beauty and elegance that inspire the way we live, work, heal, and play.


Our office locations


950 North Point Parkway, Suite 250, Alpharetta.


6279 Shadowood Court, Naples.